Donations to TDWG

Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) is a not-for-profit international scientific and educational association developing international standards for sharing biodiversity data. TDWG's work promotes a full and free circulation of information about the world's heritage of biological organisms.

Your donation will help to-

  • Address issues of global significance. TDWG develops standards, protocols and procedures that enable the full and free sharing of biodiversity information. The world's environments are being impacted by over exploitation, climate change and pollution. Sustaining the world's biodiversity depends on informed management decisions based on full and free access to worldwide biodiversity data.
  • Attract and support TDWG's volunteer members. TDWG needs a substantial, well-informed member-base to address many data sharing issues in an effective and a timely manner. Members usually work for non-profit organisations and therefore find it difficult to get institutional support for their work with TDWG. Your donation will help to recruit members and support them when they are working on TDWG standards.
  • Contribute to the quality of TDWG standards. A broader skilled volunteer base that your donation would support, will better ensure standards that are easier to implement and be more effective in sharing biodiversity data.
  • Improve communications within TDWG. Your donation will contribute to the support of a part-time secretarial assistant. This position is vital to maintain continuity and to ensure effective communications within the TDWG Executive Committee between the committee and TDWG members.
  Last Modified: 22 December 2006