"My institution benefits from the work of TDWG at my level (bioinformatics) but how do I get my senior management excited enough to invest at the institutional level? The answer is TDWG has to also offer something that my senior management can get excited about. What excites senior management these days? Access to additional sources of money, name recognition (ability to list the name of our organization along with our logo and perhaps a signature image).

I should clarify the phase "access to additional sources of money" with an example. For the PlantCollectionsTM project we stated we would host images of the plants in the living collections of botanic gardens and arboreta on the WWW. Pricing the hardware, software and annual maintenance fees came to US$92,000. At the TDWG meeting in St. Louis I was impressed with the MorphBank presentations and after the meeting followed up by email. To make a long story short, MorphBank has agreed to host our images and we have agreed to link Plant Collections to MorphBank so anyone wanting additional information about the plants could obtain it. At the Chicago Botanic Garden, $92,000 (that wasn't covered by the budget) is a big deal - maybe big enough to obtain additional funds to participate in TDWG".

Boyce Tankersley
Director, Living Plant Documentation
Chicago Botanic Garden

  Last Modified: 13 March 2007