TWDG Schema Repository

Upon request, TDWG makes available an area in its website for a group to store permanent documents, such as XML Schema, RDFS, and OWL documents.

Documents stored in that are considered to have permanent URLs so that software application can depend on them.

The schema repository is located at

See below how to request an area for your group and how to manage it. This information apply only to group conveners and secretaries.

Instructions for Managing the Schema Repository

  1. Request the assignment of a directory on the schema repository for your task group using the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Connect to the Web Folder assigned to your group. See below how to do it according to your operation system:

    For Windows Users:

    1. Open the Windows Explorer
    2. Click the menu Tools->Map Network Drive
    3. Click on the link "Sign up for online storage or connect to a network server"
    4. The "Add Network Place Wizard" will appear. Click the button "Next"
    5. Select the service provider "Choose another network location" from the list
    6. Enter the following network address:<your-group-name>/
    7. Dismiss the security alert by clicking the "Yes" button
    8. Enter the username (WikiName) and password you use to access the TDWG Online Environment
    9. Click the button "Next" and then "Finish", leaving the checkbox "Open this network place when I finish" checked
    10. A regular-looking folder will appear - this is where you will drop your image files.

    For Mac OS X Users:

    1. Point to<your-group-name>/
    2. Log in using the username (WikiName) and password you use to access the TDWG Online Environment
    3. A new virtual drive will appear on your desktop. It is also accessible at the Darwin *nix command prompt as just another directory

    For Linux Users:

    • Connect to the Web Folder using the WebDAV client of your choice. We recommend Cadaver. Follow the instructions on the users' manual.

  3. Add the schema and other accompanying files to the new folder. These files will be available to users at large via the URL:<your-group-name>/.


Please document your schemas using the XML Resource Directory Description Language (RDDL). See for examples.

Schema Versioning

Although there are no strict recommendations on how to version schemas, please document your versioning strategy in the RDDL documents.


Request an Area on the Schema Repository

Only registered users can submit requests. Please logon to see the request form.

  Last Modified: 13 July 2007