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You can be registered on the TDWG system without being a TDWG member, but all members are registered. So why should I register?

  • To post comments to any of TDWG's Wikis
  • To submit an abstract to any of TDWG's journals
  • To subscribe to any of TDWG's notification services (news, publications...)
  • To post a news item or a blog article

Individual Membership

Individual membership is open to anyone. Why become a member of TDWG? TDWG develops international standards that enable the open sharing of the world's biodiversity data. These standards are therefore crucial to the management and preservation of the life of the planet. TDWG needs your expertise and experience to improve the sharing of these data. Read more.

Institutional Membership

Institutional membership of TDWG is open to any organization, company or government agency. Institutional members are agencies that use or support TDWG standards.

From 2008, institutional membership rises to US$500 but now allows up to five institutional staff to be members of TDWG and to claim a discount at the annual conference. There is also a 20% discount on the membership if paid before March 1. What are the other benefits of Institutional Membership?

  • The annual meeting draws an extremely broad cross-section of the community together. Bioinformatics specialists, biologists, information scientists, botanists, curators, librarians and a host of others present their work at this meeting. Meeting people from similar institutions to your own can be an enlightening experience.
  • Thousands of agencies receiving, managing and distributing biodiversity data use TDWG's standards and therefore should contribute to the development, testing and deployment of those standards.
  • Membership provides an opportunity for staff members to maintain an awareness of advances in bioinformatics and bring these advances into their institution.
  • Institutions can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by adopting advances from other TDWG institutional members. Don't reinvent the wheel. Read how the Chicago Botanic Garden achieved a better outcome and saved thousands of dollars on the Testimonials page.
  • You would be supporting a non-profit, volunteer organization. An organization that is producing international standards that provide the infrastructure that helps to manage the planet's biodiversity.

Other Options

Make a Donation

Why donate to TDWG? Here are a few reasons-

  • Your donation would help to address issues of global significance. TDWG develops standards and protocols that enable the sharing of biological information, which in turn is essential to sustaining world’s biodiversity.
  • Your donation will help TDWG to attract new members, to extend its network, to improve communications within the organization, and will contribute to the development of more effective standards.

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