19-Mar-2016 00:43 Age: 6 yrs

Open call for TDWG committee volunteers

Your TDWG Executive Committee is establishing highly effective committees that address key functions of our organization. We are inviting those interested in becoming involved in the following activities to step forward.

Fundraising and partnership

Raising funds and maintaining excellent collaborations with other organizations will enable TDWG to accomplish more.


Help manage the tdwg.org web site, GitHub repositories, and other technical infrastructure that TDWG depends on for its day-to-day operation.

Outreach and communication

Promote TDWG activities and recruit members around the world. Craft and share meaningful stories about TDWG standards and their application. Develop materials that can be used by all TDWG members (e.g. updating these www.tdwg.org/about-tdwg/resources-for-outreach/)

Program committee

Help recruit and manage the review process for symposium proposals and abstracts, contributed paper and poster abstracts. The team puts together the final schedule for presentations and working sessions. Excellent written English and communication skills are needed for editing and working with authors; facility with MS Word is needed for production of the final program.

Technical Advisory Group

Provide expert advice to the Executive on matters relating to the technical standards enterprise, such as whether a standard needs revision, how task groups should be coordinated across technologically-related interest or task groups, and evaluation of the technical soundness of proposals.

Time and Place

Work with prospective hosts who are developing proposals for upcoming TDWG conferences. Advise the Executive Committee on changes to the call for conference proposals.


If selected you will not only be engaged in the work, but will join the Executive Committee in improving or drafting the charters for these committees as necessary.

Please express your interest to secretary@tdwg.org.

Thank you to those who already volunteered to serve at the TDWG 2015 conference in Nairobi!

Cyndy Parr

TDWG Chair

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