06-Sep-2016 21:51 Age: 5 yrs

New TDWG Constitution submitted for review

90-day public consultation and comment period begins 06-Sep-2016

The TDWG Executive Committee commissioned a team to revise the TDWG Constitution.  The aims are to engage more people in TDWG activities and to promote continuity in governance across years.  New committees will be created and charged with ongoing responsibilities, and new officers will be elected to lead those committees.  Read more about the motivation, detailed changes, and the voting procedure here and in the Review Package, which was published on the TDWG web site 06-Sep-2016.  The 90-day review period is underway and will end with the close of electronic voting 08-Dec-2016.  All TDWG members in good standing will be eligible to vote on the proposal.

  Last Modified: 04 June 2017