Biodiversity Information Projects of the World

How many projects relating to sharing biodiversity/natural history data are around that

  • Many of us don't know about and
  • That are/could/should use TDWG's standards?

I started listing some details of the projects that I was aware of and thought that there would be around 100.  I recently asked Piers Higgs of Gaia Resources to spend 100 hours to see what other projects could be found. This database is the result. We have found more than 500 projects so far. If you know of others, or have some amendments, please add a new record or add an amendment.

We are pleased to add a link to the Biodiversity Tracker, previously part of the EDIT (European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy) project.  While the Vibrant project will maintain these resources, additional projects should be added to  TDWG's database of Biodiversity Projects of the World. 

We hope that this database will be a useful resource for the community.

Lee Belbin

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Database Summary

Number of Projects:685
Fully Documented Projects:685
  Last Modified: 22 May 2014