How to Edit Your Group's Home Page

  1. Log in to the main TDWG website using your credentials
  2. As a group Convener, you have access to edit all of your group's pages
  3. Navigate to your subgroup's front page

  4. You should see a toolbar and pencil icons next to groups of text (e.g. header, body etc).
  5. These toolbars and pencils allow you to edit exisiting pages or add new pages.

    • Pencil: pops up a window for editing the specific content near that icon
    • Tool bar pencil: pops up a window for editing all page content at once
    • Tool bar arrows: move the item up and down the page
    • Tool bar eye w/ red slash: hides the page from public view (if the page is hidden the eye appears without a red slash)
    • Tool bar trash can: deletes the page

  6. Click on a specific pencil or the toolbar pencil to edit the desired content and save your changes (floppy disk icon at top of page)

  Last Modified: 30 January 2007