Basic Wiki Etiquette

The TDWG Wiki is an efficient workspace for the preparation of documents  (standards or policies).  Anyone can read the TDWG Wiki but registered users of TDWG (not just members) can post to the Wiki.

  1. Remember that posts are PUBLIC
  2. Be brief (concise). Please.
  3. Follow the same styles as you can see on the page
  4. Always seek CONSENSUS [link]
  5. Keep the submission on topic or start a new topic on a new page
  6. Respect all opinions. TDWG's diversity is one of it's greatest strengths.
  7. Final documents MUST be transfered to the TDWG web site. The TDWG WIki is a sandbox for developing documents and is NOT a repository of outcomes.
  8. Personal attacks and edit wars will result in deregistration of offenders.



  Last Modified: 31 January 2007