Basic Wiki Editing Tips

    These brief notes are provided here for completeness, but the Twiki help should be consulted for a far more complete description of how the edit Wiki text.

    1. Headers should follow these standards: (---++Heading) for headers and (---+++Subheading) 
    2. To make a line break use: <br>
    3. To make a numbered list use: "  # "
    4. To make a bulleted list use: "   * "
    5. To make a word bold use: "'place-word-here"'
    6. To make a word italic use: "place-word-here"
    7. To link a word to a web site use: [ link title]
    8. WikiWords (topic names) consist of two or more words with initial capitals that run together. When you type the name of a topic in the WikiWord format then a link is created to that topic when you save the page.

    (click here for more Twiki formatting options)

      Last Modified: 31 January 2007