How to Submit a Draft Standard for Ratification

The process of ratification of a TDWG standard follows the process ratified by TDWG members. The process is supported by the Open Journal System (OJS). In other words, TDWG uses the support provided by the OJS for the management of the review of TDWG standards.

TDWG draft standards are managed through the review process by a REVIER MANAGER, who is in effect, an EDITOR of the OJS journal called 'TDWG Standards Track'.

The steps for submission of a draft standard are as follows-

  1. Prepare a Standard Draft that conforms to the TDWG Standards Documentation Specification
  2. Go to the OJS Standards Track submission page link.
  3. Log in using your TDWG credentials if you are not already logged in.
  4. Follow the 5 step submission process outlined below:

    Step 1: Begin
    • Check off the submission checklist (ONLY if true)
    • Select the type of Standard in the select box
      • Data standard
      • Technical specification
      • Applicability Statements or
      • Best Current Practice
    • Press the green button "save and continue"

    Step 2: Edit the metadata
    • Your NAME, affiliation and other details known to the system will be automatically entered into the metadata fields
    • Add an appropriate URL if possible
    • Add the TITLE
    • Cut and paste the summary from the standard draft  into the ABSTRACT box
    • Select the GROUP that originated the draft from the pick list
    • Identify any supporting agencies that you wish to acknowledge, the Gordon and Betty Moore Founation
    • Press the green button "save and continue"

    Step 3: Upload the Standard Draft
    • Browse to the standard draft and press "upload"
    • Press the green button "save and continue"

    Step 4: Upload any supplementary files
    • Press the green button "save and continue"

    Step 5: Confirmation
    • Press the green button "Finish Submission"
  1. After submitting the standard draft, you can track the progress through the standards track.
  Last Modified: 31 January 2007