How to Submit a Charter for a New TDWG Group

A Charter is required for all Interest and Task Groups. Charters summarize a group's intent and represent the public face of a group.  All charters are reviewed by the Executive Committee.

  1. Interest Group charters are submitted by the Interest Group Convener. It is recommended that Conveners discuss their charter proposal with a member of the Executive Committee.
  2. Task Groups originate from within a parent Interest Group, therefore the Task Group Convener should discuss their charter with their Interest group Convener prior to submission.
  3. Fill in the required details about your new group using either the Interest or Task Group Charter template. Ensure that the wording is concise (brief and to the point) to effectively communicate the group to the public (not specialists).
  4. Go to the charter submission page and log in using your credentials.
  5. Follow the 5 step submission process outlined below

  6. Step 1: Begin

    • Check off the submission checklist (if true)
    • Select "Interest or Task Group Charter" in the Journal Section
    • Press the green button "save and continue"

    Step 2: Edit the metadata

      • Check the correctness of the author information. Incorrect information may suggest that the author's profile should be updated. Add more authors as appropriate.
      • Enter the title as it appears in the Charter document.
      • Cut and paste the SUMMARY from the Charter document into the ABSTRACT text.
      • Select Technical Architecture Group on the Interest Group choice box.
      • Supporting agencies - as required (eg Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, GBIF)
      • Press the green button "save and continue"

      Step 3: Upload the Charter

      • Browse to the charter and press "upload"
      • Press the green button "save and continue"

      Step 4: Uploading supplementary files

      • Press the green button "save and continue"

      Step 5: Confirmation

      • Press the green button "Finish Submission"
    • On submission, the journal will send an email notification of the submission to the  Editor. The Editor will then arrange for the charter to be reviewed by members of the Executive Committee with advice from the TAG. In the case of Task Group charters, the Editor will also normally include the Convener of the parent Interest Group.
    • The submitter can monitor the process of the review by logging into TDWG Charters as an Author. The submitted charter will be listed along with any reviewers comments to date.
    • Once the charter has been approved, the sysadmin will contact the Convener to discuss and establish the web site components that best support the new group.
      Last Modified: 01 March 2007