Basic Mail List Etiquette

  1. Your positing could go to a large number of people, so THINK carefully about your text BEFORE submitting it. It is sometimes all too easy to offend someone, so read your posting with an eye to the most 'prickly' recipient.
  2. By all means, be PROVOCATIVE (sometimes that is the only way to get a response), but also be aware of what may ensue!
  3. Message subject lines should be very CLEAR and descriptive.
  4. PLEASE use a signature on your posting with at least your full name and affiliation.
  5. Be CONCISE. Please. Most of us are swamped with emails so if you want everyone to read your offering, keep it to the point. Think about what you want to achieve.
  6. Begin with a clear introduction or reference to the topic or a previous postings.
  7. Pertinent messages only!Personal messages should be sent directly to the individuals, not by way of the list.
  8. If in any doubt, don't!
  Last Modified: 31 January 2007