How to Post a New Blog Entry

  1. Log in to the main TDWG web site using your TDWG credentials
  2. Browse to the Blog page under "About TDWG"

  3. You should see toolbars and pencil icons next to the header and groups of text. If you don't see these tools please contact webmaster(at)tdwg(dot)org.
  4. Click on the starred page icon (the tool tip says "new record after") in any of the small toolbars at the end of blog on the page.

  5. A pop-up form will appear in which you should populate the "title" and "text" fields for your news item.

  6. It is IMPORTANT to make sure to unhide your blog entry. Click on the "more options" icon at the end of the "title" field. A pop window will appear in which you should un-check the"hide" field and then close the window.

  7. Save the blog entry by clicking the diskette icon in the upper left hand corner of the page. The window will close and the blog web page should refresh.
  8. Your entry should appear on the Blog page
  Last Modified: 31 January 2007