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TDWG Interest Group (Open)


Stan Blum - TDWG Coordinator <stanblum(at)>


The Process subgroup will draft new bylaws[1] for TDWG, which will specify how standards are developed, documented, reviewed, revised, and approved.  To the extent that the revised bylaws require changes to the organizational structure of TDWG, the Process subgroup will draft new articles of the TDWG Constitution, which will specify how the new entities are to be formed and maintained, and what their roles will be.

In addition, the Process group may draft companion documents to recommend how entities within TDWG conduct business so as to improve effectiveness and communications within and beyond TDWG.

The revised bylaws are intended to improve the speed and efficiency of standards development, as well as the quality and integration of standards.

[1] Merriam-Webster dictionary defines bylaw [one word] as:  a rule adopted by an organization chiefly for the government of its members and the regulation of its affairs.  Other IT standards bodies do not refer to their standards development process as “bylaws”, but we use the term in this charter for continuity.  This use does not imply a decision to continue use beyond this document.

  Last Modified: 12 November 2015