Observations Task Group Charter


Matthew Jones* (NCEAS, UC Santa Barbara)


The goal of this task group is to create a core semantic model for observational data in the ecological and environmental sciences. Holistic, integrative, and large-scale science would benefit from better data discovery, interpretation and integration both within and across disciplines that would be enabled from a common observational data model. This is necessary because there is an enormous quantity of observational data that is gathered by very diverse methodologies and stored in various formats. Additionally, a variety of observational data models have been developed, but none are sufficiently comprehensive.

It is essential that the characteristics of the data model accurately portray observational data via well defined terms that conform to existing standards. Thus, it is desirable to conduct this process within an established standards body such as TDWG. Since there is much commonality in observational data, the focus of this task group will be to develop a core observational data model that is domain independent, but extensible to be inclusive of specific requirements within a particular domain.

The development of the observational data model will be based on identifying the requirements needed for consumers and producers of the data model. The outcomes of this task group will provide data producers with tools and approaches that enable the design, creation, management, and publishing of observational data, and give consumers tools to more effectively discover, access, integrate, analyze, and report findings based on heterogeneous observational data sources.


  Last Modified: 15 October 2008