TDWG LSID Authority Identifications

An Life Sciences Identifier (LSID) authority identification is a character string that uniquely identifies a source of LSIDs. The identification is usually a domain name registered to the organization that assigned the identifiers. In special cases, in which an LSID authority cannot (or does not want to) use its organization’s domain name server, due to internal policy or technical constraints, TDWG can provide a neutral authority name of the form:


where <authority_name> is a unique string assigned by TDWG to the organization requesting the service. TDWG will also provide the related DNS SRV resource record to be used to locate the LSID resolver.

To request an LSID authority identification, please fill in the form below.

TDWG reserves the right to deny requests for such service. However, once approved, TDWG guarantees to maintain the authority identification and related DNS SRV record operational indefinitely.

Please contact ricardo(at) if you need to make changes to a DNS SRV record assigned to your organization.

Request an LSID Authority Identification

Only registered users can submit requests. Please logon to see the request form.

  Last Modified: 22 August 2007