Globally Unique Identifiers - GUID

TDWG Task Group (Open)


Kevin Richards
Landcare New Zealand


To standardize the use of globally unique identifiers within the Biodiversity Informatics community.


Latest News

TDWG 2010: Woods Hole Massachusetts September 26 - October 1


Dear TDWG Members and FriendsDonald Hobern as Chairman of TDWG has just announced on behalf of the TDWG Executive Committee that TDWG 2010 will be held at Woods Hole Massachusetts September 26 - October 1.The decision this year...[more]

Multimedia Resources Metadata Schema Submitted for Review


The GBIF - TDWG Multimedia Resources Metadata Schema (MRTG)has been submitted to the TDWG STandards Track for review. MRTG is a data standard for exchanging data describing biodiversity multimedia resources and...[more]

TAPIR Approved as a TDWG Standard


The TDWG Executive Committee has approved the adoption of TDWG Access Protocol for Information Retrieval (TAPIR) - as a TDWG standard. The committee acknowledges the excellent work of the TAPIR...[more]

Review of TDWG Systems and Services


As you are probably aware, we have had a few problems with the TDWG systems over the last few years. Thankfully, most of the issues have been minor, but we have had a few more serious problems with Twiki. While a number of...[more]

NC State University Insect Museum Implements LSIDs


The Insect Museum of NC State University has now implemented LSIDs for their collections with help from Roger Hyam, see To quote the announcement- "What does...[more]

Short note on LSID Tester tool published


A short note on Rod Page's LSID Tester tool has been published in the Open Access journal Source Code for Biology and Medicine. The DOI is doi:10.1186/1751-0473-3-2 and the direct link is[more]

LSID Authority Setup Guides


The TDWG Secretariat and the TDWG Globally Unique Identifiers (GUID) Task Group announce the availability of the LSID Authority Setup Guides- These guides were...[more]

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