This page contains documents that may be useful as templates.

Meeting Reports

The purpose of a meeting report is to summarise for those who were not there and may not even be involved in the subgroup what happened at the meeting.  It is not just a copy of the minutes but a summary of the motivation for the meeting and the outcomes. A template is available for writing meeting reports. Completed meeting reports should be uploaded to the TDWG website to the directory call meeting_reports.


Charters are documents that govern the operation of TDWG's Interest and Task Groups (see Process). All TDWG groups require a charter to be written by the Convener and submitted to TDWG Charters (a process track using OJS) for review by the Executive Committee. 

Help is available on submitting a Charter.

The following templates are available-

Convener Presentation Templates

At the annual conference, Conveners of Interest Groups and Task Groups are expected to present either or both (depending on the meeting schedule)

These presentations MUST fit on one slide using the layout and formatting in these templates. Presentations are expected to take 5 minutes maximum.

Standards Primer

Standards are technical documents and often difficult to understand when read in isolation. It is therefore important to have a document, a primer, that gives a introductory overview of a particular standard. For managers and those not involved in the actual implementation of a standard the primer may be all that they need to read. For technicians and implementers the primer acts as introductory material to the standard itself. A template is provided to help primer authors include the relevant information and follow a uniform style. You can download the template here.

  Last Modified: 13 August 2007