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John Wieczorek
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720, USA
Phone: 01-510-642-5409
Fax: 01-510-643-8238
Email: tuco@berkeley.edu


The Darwin Core is designed to facilitate the exchange of information about the geographic occurrence of organisms and the physical existence of biotic specimens in collections. Extensions to the Darwin Core provide a mechanism to share additional information, which may be discipline-specific, or beyond the commonly agreed upon scope of the Darwin Core itself. The Darwin Core and its extensions are minimally restrictive of information content by design, since doing so would render the standard useless for the implementation of data quality tools.


What is in scope?

  • Collections of any kind of biological objects or data.
  • Terminology associated with biological collection data.
  • Striving for compatibility with other biodiversity-related standards.
  • Facilitating the addition of components and attributes of biological data.

What is not in scope?

  • Data interchange protocols.
  • Non-biodiversity-related data.
  • Purely taxonomic data.


  • Biodiversity data holders (organizations, institutions, researchers).
  • Consumers of biodiversity data.
  • Developers of collections management systems.
  • Other TDWG interest and task groups.
  • Protocol developers (TAPIR).
  • Biodiversity network developers.

Becoming Involved

The best way to be involved is to respond to the request for comments.


  Last Modified: 05 October 2016