On behalf of our entire community of biodiversity informatics practitioners, the TDWG Executive gratefully acknowledges the JRS Biodiversity Foundation for enabling young scientists from sub-Saharan Africa to participate in our annual meetings from 2011-2015.  Special thanks are due to Dr. Henry Bart Jr., of Tulane University, for his vision and leadership as the JRS Foundation awardee for the "African Biodiversity Information Scientist Mentoring Program in Conjunction with Annual TWDG Conferences."  This award supported 44 conservation-minded scientists from sub-Saharan Africa to present their work in a global forum, to learn about TDWG, and to develop professional relationships with colleagues around the world.  In addition, 35 participants attended an intensive, week-long training in biodiversity informatics just prior to the 2015 TDWG conference in Nairobi.

  Last Modified: 23 February 2016